How Important is Zinc for Immunity Against Viruses

Immunity—your body’s ability to fight infection and disease—largely depends on the body’s zinc level. An optimum quantity of this mineral can prevent you from getting sick, or, if you catch a cold, it can lessen the symptoms and the gravity. The role of Zinc for immunity against viruses has been proven by several medical studies done over time.

In 2010, a medical study about the SARS-COV virus responsible for the 2002 pandemic has shown that Zinc had an important inhibitory role in stopping the virus from inflicting damage upon those who had contacted it and in stopping the spread. As COVID 19 belongs to the same Coronavirus family, in theory, the use of Zinc supplements could have the same effect in stopping the disease from inflicting damage on the body, in the early stages of the infection. There is clear evidence that Zinc has the ability of reducing the duration of symptoms in common colds and respiratory viral infections.

What is Zinc

Zinc plays many roles for human health. It is a micro mineral that can be found in small quantities in all the organs, tissues and body fluids. Its most known role is that of an immunity booster, but it also plays other roles, such as maintaining an optimum digestion process and regulating hormone production. Because of this, Zinc is essential to fertility, but also in preventing diabetes. It also stimulates the development of muscles, and it has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, as it is a powerful anti-oxidant.

Zinc against Coronavirus

The most important role of Zinc remains that of helping the immune system fight infections. It can stop the inflammatory effects of viruses, and therefore fight the devastating effects that certain viruses, like Coronavirus, can have on the body. It does that by stopping the virus from attaching itself to the cells of the respiratory tract and controlling the evolution of the inflammation. As COVID 19 is a new virus, there is still little information about it, but the beneficial effects of Zinc against similar viruses can show certain benefits in fighting this new virus. For example, the duration of symptoms in common cold was reduced by ingesting Zinc tablets in the first 24 hours from the onset of the symptoms.

Zinc and the human body

If you have a varied and balanced diet, your body should have enough Zinc to support all its needs. However, there are certain situations when there is not enough Zinc in the body. A strictly vegetarian diet reduces the amount of Zinc, as it is more difficult to absorb from plants. A lack of Zinc in the body can lead to slower healing of wounds, frequent infections, lack of taste and smell, lack of appetite, loss of hair and eyesight problems. Lack of Zinc is also a consequence of certain diseases, which drain the body’s natural reserves. Among these diseases are: hepatitis, diabetes, cancer or alcohol abuse. Zinc also and helps with male hormone levels (it boosts testosterone production, which is responsible for muscle growth and libido). You should always consult with your doctor before adding a Zinc supplement in your diet, making sure that it is what your body needs.

Foods containing Zinc

The best foods containing Zinc are animal products, which your body can easily assimilate. Meat, dairy, fish, and seafood are the richest in Zinc. In smaller quantities, we can also find it in cereals, green plants, beans, and nuts. In vegetables, the presence of fibers in plants makes the human body absorb Zinc with difficulty.

Zinc supplements

Zinc supplements are immunity boosters. In combination with vitamin C and vitamin D, Zinc has proven most effective in preventing colds and viral infections. The Zinc quantity found in natural supplements is just enough to give your immune system a boost, but not to interfere with your body’s well being, making them a safe solution to reinforce your immune system. There are also supplements especially designed for children, in the form of soft gummy fruit, which contain Zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D in the amount recommended for children.


From our readers:

Sarah D.

“I started using a Zinc supplement two years ago, because I kept getting these recurring respiratory infections. My M.D advised me to use one for my daughter, too, because she had the same problem. That winter, she only had one respiratory infection, and I had none. Since then, our family gets sick less often and we can really enjoy our holidays. And I really feel that I have more energy, but with less coffee.”

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