5 Foods to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is one of the very important hormones in the human body, both for males and females. It is responsible for the function of the male reproductive system, but also for male secondary characteristics, such as hair and muscle growth. Although the male body produces levels of testosterone seven to eight times greater than the female body, testosterone is also important for the female body, preventing osteoporosis. As testosterone levels naturally decrease with age, lots of men turn to natural testosterone boosters, that can help them feel healthier and younger. In addition, there are some foods which help boost testosterone levels naturally. No matter if you’re trying to boost your testosterone levels naturally or using these foods to supplement a hormonal treatment plan, there are lots of ways you can build these ingredients into your meals!

As a general rule, the foods which boost testosterone levels are the same that increase the levels of vitamin D and zinc in the body, as these two nutrients precede the formation of the hormone in the body. They are also used for  weight loss (find out how) or skin whitening (find out how).

1. Shellfish

Oysters contain the highest zinc quantity, with 6 medium oysters providing 32 mg, or 291% of the daily necessary. Other mollusks, such as mussels, scallops, and clams, also provide high levels of zinc. Another type of shellfish are the crustaceans, such as lobster, crab, and shrimp. Although they don’t provide as much zinc as oysters, they still contain this mineral and, best of all, all shellfish are low in calories. As far as preparation in concerned, try opting for a moist heat method such as steaming, poaching, boiling or braising, as dry heat methods tend to lower the zinc quantities in these foods.

2. Tuna

Tuna meat is a wonderful source of vitamin D, which is linked to a boost in testosterone levels. It is also a source of protein and has a low fat level, making it an ideal food for those trying to gain muscle. However, if tuna isn’t something that you can want to take, other resources of vitamin D will come from salmon, sardines, milk, cheese, and beef.

3. Egg yolks

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, cholesterol and vitamin D, all of which aid in the production of testosterone. Besides boosting testosterone levels thanks to vitamin D, the protein in them is also useful with muscle gain.

4. Ginger

Ginger is a flowering medicinal plant used as a spice. It is widely used in folk medicine because of its many health benefits. The beneficial effect of ginger is mainly because of its antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Many medical researches have concluded that ginger or ginger extracts increase testosterone production. The root can spice up various food recipes or to add flavor to fruit juices or smoothies.

5. Fortified cereals and milk

There are lots of cereal brands fortified with vitamin D. Also, many brands of plant-based milk offer the option of being fortified with vitamin D. As lots of people choose milk and cereals as a breakfast option, this is one of the easiest versions of boosting testosterone levels, especially for those who don’t appreciate the strong tastes and flavors of some foods listed above.

From our readers:

Josh T.

“When my doctor prescribed me a natural testosterone booster supplement for my low libido, he also advised me to consume more foods rich in zinc and vitamin D. As I am a very picky eater who avoids strong tastes like shellfish and spices, I tried eating more eggs and buying cereals fortified with vitamin D. Those mild tastes agreed with my eating habits. As I developed a habit in eating these and taking my pills, I first noticed I had more energy than before. My sex drive returned to normal after only one month of changed diet and supplements.”

Brian H.

“I love eating and cooking tuna and shellfish. After I read about their benefits, testosterone-wise, I decided to eat them at least once a week. I certainly noticed that I felt much lighter and had a lot more energy. Things have really improved at the gym since I started eating more of these foods.”


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