How We Found the Best Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Tired of constantly fighting those obnoxious pounds that keep you from feeling light and healthy? You’re not alone! Actually, many people share the same problem, sometimes managing to lose a couple of pounds, only to gain them back shortly after. So something in what they’re doing is not right, and certainly not healthy. To help you, our team put together the best weight loss tips we could find online.


You can find countless examples of diets and testimonials to how effective they are. But what most people forget is that these diets must be adapted to each individual’s body and metabolism, and that many of them can become harmful or simply not work. A forced diet which doesn’t acknowledge one’s internal chemistry is bound to lead to a later gain in weight, although it can momentarily cause weight loss. With diets, the first effect is not necessarily the last one, because most of them lead to weight gain and underlining medical conditions. Trendy diets promising fast results always fail to disclose the side effects that might appear later. The process of gaining weight after such a diet results from creating an acid environment in the body, which leads to a process of fat gain, so that the body might shield itself in the future.

That’s not to say that every diet is harmful. The most important thing to watch out for when choosing a diet is to adapt to your body’s needs and specific conditions. Also, if the eating habits imposed by the diet feel like a burden, then it’s clearly not for you. A diet is a way of eating and living, something to do in the long run, not a momentary thing which permits you to return to your previous habits when you’re done. So, when choosing a diet, you’re choosing a lifestyle.

Here is a story to inspire you:

Carmen B.

“I  tried lots of diets over the years, never once thinking they could harm me in any way. Fast, single food type diets, Swedish, or Mediterranean, I tried them all. But the one I remember most vividly was Keto. I never once felt sick and lacking energy while dieting, including the weeks when I only ate fruit and vegetables. But with Keto, which is very low-carb, things felt a little different. After 3 days of dieting, I felt weak. I had no energy to exercise, and I have a very active lifestyle. After one week, I felt sick. My MD advised me to give it up and try reducing my food intake, but keep my eating habits and eat foods from all categories. That seemed to work much better for me.”


As with diets, the Internet offers an array of activities which count as physical exercising and an active lifestyle. Again, every choice must take into account your body type and lifestyle. But an active lifestyle also brings psychical and general health benefits. Unlike forced diets, physical activity is bound to help you. How much can it help you actually lose weight?

Actually, physical activity, depending on its type, can also help you gain weight. Certain sports will help you build muscle. This is the whole principle behind gyms and other types of sports used to bulk you up. So, in order to lose weight, you must find sports activities which burn most calories. Some of these are running, which burns 500-700 calories/hour, cycling, which burns around 600 calories/hour, swimming, which burns over 700 calories/hour, rowing, with the same amount of burned calories as swimming, CrossFit, which burns 500 calories in half an hour, and kickboxing, with 300 calories/ half hour. As with diets, choosing a sport is not a momentary thing. Of course you can try all kinds of activities and stick to the ones you like most, but if you practice a sport long enough and then suddenly stop, there’s a good chance you will gain weight afterwards.

Here is another inspiring story:

Leona R.

“I used to be a big aerobics fan in my twenties. I went to the gym 4-5 times a week. It was my way of relaxing after a long day at work, and I also found lots of friends there. It was a great community. We’d swap recipes and take trips together, and I certainly developed a life style while going there. But after I moved to another city and had a family, it was very hard for me to find another gym with such a strong culture. And my main disappointment was that I couldn’t lose the weight, because my daily tasks didn’t allow me to go as often as I would have liked. So, I needed something more, something that could fill in for those days I had no time for the gym or I was too tired. When I talked about this with one of the fitness instructors, he suggested a metabolism pill, some natural product that could act like a metabolic booster. It actually helped me do more than lose the weight. It gave me the energy of several coffee cups (because it was made with green coffee) and I suddenly had the energy to do much more than just hit the gym.”


So, is there an universal solution to weight loss? Certainly not, but there are several answers. At Allurestory, we believe that a combined solution is ideal. The best healthy weight loss tip we could find online is that you must adapt to your body’s needs, combine a healthy diet with exercise and maybe, if you lack energy, use a metabolic booster to get you through the day.


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