Your Best Weight Loss Solutions

As we all strive to live long, healthy, and happy lives, losing weight is a major concern for lots of people. Being locked inside for several months meant less exercise, more junk food, and a general tendency to gain weight for many of our readers. But what to do when you get out of the sweatpants and realize that your pre-pandemic jeans don’t fit anymore?

Here are 3 of your best weight loss solutions:

Liane D.

“I was so tired from work, that I felt almost happy at the beginning of the lockdown. No more early waking up, no more running around all day long, and no more high heels. I could just stay in my PJs and watch TV. I was naïve. After 2 weeks of binge-watching everything I could find, I was more tired than before and felt dizzy all the time. Days went by, and I didn’t even leave my apartment. I ate what I felt like, gave up on my fixed eating hours, and forgot to drink water. I didn’t feel sick, I just had no energy for anything anymore. The great shock came when I put my jeans on. They didn’t fit. It scared me, so I made a quick recovery plan: I started eating regularly and threw out all the junk food in the house and I started exercising inside my apartment, using YouTube videos. In one month, I lost the pounds I had gained since the beginning of the lockdown and was happy to see that I fit into my jeans again.”

Sam D.

“I was already overweight when 2020 began, and during winter I only gained more weight. I overindulged in everything, from sweets to meat and alcohol. At one point, I found myself unable to tie my shoelaces, because I couldn’t bend down anymore. So, I decided to do something about it, because I was feeling worse and worse and had trouble walking up the stairs. That’s when the lockdown began. So, instead of doing what I always did, I stopped ordering takeout food and subscribed to several local delivery services for fresh food. And I started cooking. It was hard in the beginning because I didn’t have many recipes, but now I had enough time to search online. I also understood just how much food gets thrown away and attempted to reduce that. I have to tell that you when you buy organic, local products, it gets a lot harder to throw them away. I learned how to use most parts of the vegetables and meat and stopped wasting. For two months, I cooked every day for me and my family and had at least one hot meal a day. We gave up eating pizza and pasta (they were a big hit in our house) and started using vegetables more. I also cut down our sugar intake, replacing sweets with fruit. And I chose smaller servings and kept track of everything I was eating. In two months, I lost 15 pounds and I have no trouble with my shoelaces anymore.”

Gita R.

“I was planning to lose weight since the beginning of the year. It was one of my New Year’s Resolutions, but I always found a reason to postpone it. During the first lockdown week, I tried a fast diet plan I had used before, which had previously helped me lose 6 pounds in 7 days. But it didn’t work. Later, I found out it had previously worked because my body worked differently 15 years ago. Frustrated, I started exercising. Pilates, yoga, aerobics, I tried everything. The more I exercised, the hungrier I felt. I also lacked energy. So I ate, and instead of losing weight, I gained more. Finally, I talked to a friend who suggested that I might need a metabolism booster. That did the trick, as I felt more energetic, and I craved less food. I could finally do all my exercise routines, eat less, and lose the weight I wanted.”

What’s your story? What is your best weight loss solution?

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  1. Tired of constantly fighting those obnoxious pounds that keep you from feeling light and healthy? You’re not alone! Actually, many people share the same problem, sometimes losing a couple of pounds, only to gain them back shortly after. So something in what they’re doing is not right, and certainly not healthy. To help you, our team put together the best weight loss tips we could find online.


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