How I Found the Best Skin Care Product for Dark Spots

Did you ever experience the struggle of covering those nasty post-acne spots? Or the follow-up of a zip? If your answer is yes, you should know that your experience is a common one, as a great number of women face the same problems every month. However, there are solutions to this, as we found by asking around about the best skincare product for dark spots.

There are plenty of dark spots corrector products you can choose from. Make sure that the product you buy uses as many natural ingredients as possible, as natural organic cosmetics are healthier both for your skin and our environment. Also, look for lightening creams based on certain ingredients, which have proven to be most effective in evening out the complexion of the skin, thus eliminating the dark spots.

Here is a list of ingredients to look for in natural dark spots corrector products, compiled by our team of dermatologists:

Vitamin C

Lemons have been used in skin treatments for hundreds of years. The sugars and citric acid in the fruit are a natural exfoliating agent, which helps remove dead skin cells. Vitamin C is an antioxidant found in lemons, which has the power of reducing the presence of melanin, tightening the pores and thus whitening the skin.

Licorice extract

Licorice root contains certain compounds with a role in skin lightening and skin calming. The combination of substances has been proven effective in slowing down the product of darker pigments and easing hyper pigmentation.

Apricot oil

Acting as a natural sunscreen, apricot oil prevents your skin against sun exposure and the damage that may arise from that. When using apricot oil, your skin can maintain a moisture balance, which prevents acne. The high content of vitamin A found within apricot oil also means that your skin will preserve its elasticity and will be protected against toxins and bacteria.

And these are a couple of inspirational beauty stories from our readers, regarding dark spots problems:

Layne C.

“I had a flawless skin complexion as a child. But as a teenager, I developed some sort of hormonal imbalance and a very bad acne. It became the struggle of my life to get rid of those dark spots which now covered my face. I went to lots of doctors, who prescribed tons of creams and medical treatments, but all of them were designed for short-term usage, due to the chemical ingredients in them. They got me rid of my dark spots, but just for a short while, as the hormonal imbalance led to recurring outbursts of my acne. So, I had to fight this battle all over again. Then, one dermatologist recommended that I try and avoid chemicals and turn to natural products instead. I began using liquid vitamin C and apricot oil, and they worked, but it was complicated buying them separately and mixing them. And then, at a random online search, I found a natural skin routine which comprised both of them, and more. Zeta White has helped me regain my flawless complexion, without the scare of using too many chemical products on my already sensitive skin.”

Amy P.

“I have really sensitive skin, prone to sunburns and bad reactions to insect bites. I try to stay out of the sun as much as possible and use as much sunscreen as I can, but there are certain times when it just isn’t enough. Sunburns leave me with dark, uneven patches on my skin, which only get worse in time. Insect bites heal as dark spots, which gradually blend into my skin, but always remain darker. During summer, when I have to apply both sunscreen and insect repellent, just getting out of the house is an ordeal, because the two solutions mix on my skin and make it unbearable for me to touch it. I never tried natural skincare products, because I wasn’t convinced that they were effective. But I found that by using apricot and almond oil I could be protected against sunburns and that by using lavender and eucalyptus oil, I could be protected against insect bites. To all this, I added a natural skincare product for dark spots and finally got rid of the problems which were making me unhappy.”

What’s your story about finding the best skincare product for dark spots?


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